What if Normal is the problem?

Design For Dissent workshop explained

Watch this 3 min 30 sec video to understand what this new online/offline workshops offers. I explain the daily activities and what additional talks are available.

You can also look at the Draft workbook for the whole workshop as a PDF: Design For Dissent Workbook

Design For Dissent

Schedule for 5 days of workshops: 1 hello , 2 listening, 3 compassion, 4 dissent, 5 goodbye

A workshop for building better organisations thru dissent

Understanding why and how dissent creates more resilient and creative organisations for the New Next. 

This is a practice-based workshop on how to use dissent to encourage and enable diversity and divergence. Using dissent to create new spaces for innovation.

Workshop content and purpose

This workshop is a place to understand why dissent is needed and to practice dissent in conversation. 

The offline content will be about understanding and the online content is about practicing together. The activities are about listening to dissent positively and designing how to speak of dissent to be heard and remembered.

This is a new workshop and I am not offering solutions. What I would like to create is a space to understand and share. What works for you will depend on the contexts of where you work and who you with and for. Sharing ideas with other participants is a way of mapping out what might work in your place. This is about starting a voyage with other people.

Cost and content delivery

£30 per participant for 5 days of online workshops plus over 90 minutes of offline audio and video.

The online content is delivered thru Whereby. Most of the workshop activities will be done in small groups of 3-6 people and use of video is invited but not required.

Dates and times

The first workshops ran from 18th to 22nd May 2020.

Two workshop sequences to choose from:

9am BST (for Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia)

7pm BST (for Europe, Africa and Americas)

I expect the next series to run in late June 2020.


Booking is now closed for this workshop series.

If you are interested in the next series, please contact me.

Workshop leaflet

Download the first Design for Dissent workshop leaflet to sh

Download PDF